How Much Does Chimney Repair Cost, and Why?

How Much Does Chimney Repair Cost, and Why?

Are you getting quotes on a chimney repair? The chimney is an important and specialist feature, making it hard to know if the quotes you are getting are fair. However, to ensure you get value for money, you need to get it right.

Unsure if you're getting a fair price for your chimney repair? Learn how much it typically costs to do in Connecticut, and why.

Crown Repair Cost

The chimney crown is often mistaken for the cap or cover. However, it is a separate, large slab of concrete situated at the top of a chimney. It is an important part of the structure of the chimney itself.

Firstly, it stops water from coming down the flue and into your fireplace. Secondly, it protects the brick and mortar underneath from gathering and erosion. Lastly, it stops sparks from coming out of the chimney and setting fire to the roof.

The most common problems with the crown are cracks appearing over time. Water can get into these, and if it freezes, expands, making cracks bigger. This results in a passage for water and pests but also compromises the integrity of the chimney.

Repair of the crown should be done immediately as if left unchecked, it can begin to damage the whole surface of your roof and result in a much more expensive full chimney replacement. Fixing the chimney crown itself can be anywhere from between $150 to $300 on average.

In contrast, a full replacement can cost you between $220 to $2000, a steep increase. Leaving a crown on that requires repair can go so far as to damage the fireplace, requiring a replacement for that as well.

Brick Chimney Repair

The deterioration of bricks and mortar is a natural occurrence that can not be avoided. However, a regular chimney fix and repairs can keep the cost of a replacement chimney at bay. Regularly maintained brickwork can also improve the efficiency of your chimney.

Not only is the brick the facade of the chimney, but it also makes up the core strength of the stack. Damaged bricks can allow water into the cracks which expand when frozen. This can cause spalling.

Spalling is when the mortar between the bricks begins to crumble and fall away. This loosens the bricks even further, making the whole thing even weaker.

The crack usually occurs at the corners. Cracks on the chimney can be repaired at around $200 and upwards, depending upon the severity. However, if you're looking for a total replacement and repair of the bricks from crown to roofline, you may be looking at $1000 to upwards of $3500.

Leaking Roof Repairs

This problem usually occurs at the point the chimney meets the roof. The flashing, which protects the join, may have come loose or worn away. Repairing the chimney here usually depends on the type of flashing you want.

Older houses have mortar or tar flashing. This can cost around $180 to $350 to replace.

Metal flashing is much more highly recommended, as it lasts longer and offers more protection. This will cost around $200 to $350 to install. Simple repairs to the flashing can cost upwards of $20 and can be done by most specialists in chimney repair nearby.

Water Damage

When water manages to get through the cracks in a chimney, it can cause mold to form and rot to set in. In addition, the acidity of rainwater combined with creosote in the chimney can lead to a rusted damper.

Once the wood rots, the cost of repair depends upon the extent of the water damage. If the area is easy to reach and only a small problem, you may just have to pay a couple of hundred dollars. However, serious rot can be around the $4000 mark.

Flue Repair Cost

Your flue is protected by a chimney cover, commonly known as a cap. It is at the very top of your chimney and will cost around the $200 mark to replace.

The rest of the flue commands similar prices. Replacing a flue tile is an easy-to-reach spot that will be around $200. Cracked tiles can be repaired for even less, calculated on the square foot.

Where the flue gets expensive is when liners need to be installed or fully replaced. This can cost anywhere between $2500 and upward for a reline, with as much as $7000 for a full, new installation of one.

Leaning Chimney Repair Costs

A cleaning chimney can be a sign of a very serious problem. It usually indicates a problem in the foundation, which will only get worse as the pressure of the chimney pushes on it, and the angle at which the chimney leans becomes worse. This can cost around $3000 to fix.

Repoint and Tuckpointing

Repointing is the repair of the mortar between your bricks. Damaged mortar joints will be removed and repaired. If it has worn away over time and needs light repairs, a repoint can cost upwards of $700.

Tuckpointing deals with the aesthetic aspects of the chimney mortar, and simply fill in any of the gaps. It is not primarily concerned with reducing the possible damage, but more so with making it look good. It uses two colors, one to match brickwork and one to match the mortar joints.

Get a Professional Quote

In summary, much of the price of chimney repair comes from the extent of the damage. If you address the problem early, you decrease the potential for damage later down the line, which results in more costly repairs or replacements.

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