How To Identify Roof Storm Damage

How To Identify Roof Storm Damage

Are you aware that during a hailstorm, other things besides cars sustain damage and need repairs?

Hail harms various pieces of personal property in addition to your home's roof or exterior covering. Although hailstorms can cause damage, the extent of the harm can differ substantially. It's possible that you weren't aware that your home has roof storm damage if you haven't checked up on it.

If your home has recently weathered a storm, it may be a good idea to learn how to start identifying roof storm damage. Here, we're sharing all of our tips and tricks for finding signs of a hail-damaged roof.

Dented Gutters

While this isn't always the case, the gutters frequently sustain some impact damage when a roof sustains serious hail damage on the top. A gutter may be severely dented, but you should also be on the watch for smaller hits.

Also, keep an eye out for dented gutter screens and downspouts.

Damaged Windowsills

Search for dents, dings, or other indicators of impact on the house's exterior and windowsills, and casings. If there is severe damage to the roof in these areas, there will almost certainly also be damage to these items.

Additionally, check any other exposed metal surfaces even if it only appears to be a little dent.

Damaged Air Conditioning Units

As we've talked about, it's crucial to inspect the entire house for hail damage. We checked the roof, gutters, and siding, but there's still the air conditioner to look at.

An air conditioner that has been damaged may be eligible for insurance replacement in addition to serving as a rapid visual indicator of additional hail damage to the roof.

If you are working with an insurance inspector they will help document every instance of damage to the your property. This might be a deck, shed, porch, patio cover, or whatever else insurance might cover.

Damaged Deck or Other Surfaces

There's a chance that your neighbors' decks and painted surfaces have been damaged by hail. Or, paint that has flaked off may have been damaged by hail.

If a deck or another painted surface has sustained damage, it's likely your roof has been impacted as well. Click the link for fast roof storm damage repair!

Dented Roof Vents or Shingles

There are a few things to look for once you are on the roof. Examine vents, chimneys, skylights, additional features, and the whole roof.

You should check for both since wind and hail damage to roofing systems frequently coexist.

Look for any damage by inspecting all of the roof's features and vents. Look for surface chips, dings, and other imperfections.

Now You Can Quickly Identify Roof Storm Damage

Hail and other storms have the potential to damage your home. Now that you're aware of these helpful roof storm damage tips, you will be able to easily identify hail damage to your roof and home.

If you notice the signs of roof storm damage after a storm, contact one of our roof repair locations for fast and friendly service.